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Eat Clean

Stop eating preservatives.

In an effort to return to eating real food, Muskoka Granola contains no preservatives. It's sweetened only with Ontario grade A maple syrup so has no refined sugar. Just whole almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds, oats and coconut, coconut oil, cinnamon, and a dash of sea salt.


You can put it on yogurt, ice cream, fruit, oatmeal, apple crisp, as a salad topper or straight from the bag to your face. 

Muskoka Granola is handmade in small batches in Bracebridge, Ontario, by Heather, Lindsey, Laura, Jennine, and sometimes Simone. 

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What does gluten friendly mean?

Safe for the gluten conscious. While there is no wheat or ingredient in Muskoka Granola containing gluten, we do not currently use certified oats. That being said, our kitchen is wheat-free and we have hundreds of repeat celiac customers. We have not received *one* complaint of "your granola made me feel unwell" in the 50,000+ bags we've sold. 

Are the ingredients on the bag accurate?

No. We forgot to mention that half of them are organic (coconut oil, pumpkin seeds & maple syrup). Other than that, yes. 

Why is my shipment packed so tightly?

Because we're saving the environment. Less air means more room on the truck. Less gas etc.

What else are you doing for the environment?

In the kitchen we produce zero garbage. Everything that comes into the kitchen is recyclable and there is no food waste. For retail and in-person sales we transport in only reusable bins. For direct to consumer shipping we use only used padding supplies. (Padding? Previously used packaged air)

Why are you on my porch?

If you live between Huntsville and Barrie, we may deliver your package if we're in the hood.

Why is this website so basic?

We're bakers, not programmers. All the love and beauty is in the granola.

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