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You Said It

These quotes are compiled from emails, texts and Google reviews. I did not make them up. I don't have time.

It's like granola crack.

An excellent product. Wishing you continued success with your delicious granola!

This is the greatest granola in the history of granola. We always have a bag on the go and frequently give out bags to friends and family to spread the good granola word. I’d you’re not eating this granola, you are making a huge error in life.

I sprinkle it on my wife at night.

Mark my words, one day this granola will be world famous. It’s so out if this world delicious, I have to have it for breakfast in the morning and on ice cream at night! I’m buying it for my family members for Christmas this year. You’re gonna love it.

I no longer have to stand in the grocery aisle getting annoyed reading ingredients. This granola is super high quality and taste great! Customer service is exceptional.

That is literally the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.

I used the last of your granola this morning and now I’m already going through withdrawals.

Loved your granola. Best I have ever had. 

I just wanted to tell you that your granola is fantastic. The best I have ever had.

Just ordered 5 bags. This is the most delicious, highly addictive granola ever! Thank you for creating this!!!

The depth of flavour is unreal; absolutely love the little hint of salty with the sweet. This granola is loaded with nuts and makes a really filling snack or salad topper. Love that it’s all natural and handmade.

I've been looking for you for 4 months! My kids would murder me if I came home without buying some.

Hello!  Just want to say best granola i ever had.  It was worth the trip to Muskoka to discover this. 

I just have to let you know how good this granola is. We bought a bag at the cottage show and bought 5 more before the weekend was over. Soooo good.

I just witnessed an almost divorce over your granola. 

[Samples granola] Ooooh I see now why my sister hides it from her husband.

Just wanted to let you know that you've created an addict! I picked up a bag at the Huntsville Farmers Market.  Now, you're part of my breakfast at least 4 times a week. I LOVE both flavours! 

I have been buying Muskoka Granola since sampling it at the Cranberry Festival a couple of years ago. My daughter-in-law has gestational diabetes and has enjoyed Muskoka Granola in yogurt almost every morning for breakfast thru her pregnancy. It was great to have this granola on hand for her to also enjoy as a low sugar delicious snack. Thank you!

Hiiii. Just wanted to tell you I bought granola at the bb farmers market on the weekend and it is the best part of my day this week! That’s all. Haha. Have a sweet day!

I happened to swing by the Huntsville Farmers Market today ... As I was walking by I noticed a sign that said VEGAN so I just had to stop. The lovely lady was so pleasant to deal with. She had samples for sharing and I just had to buy a bag. Now I wish I had bought TWO I did not try the sample until tonight and I can honestly say that this is the most delicious granola I have ever tasted! So fresh! There are pumpkin seeds, almonds and cashews in there ... omg. YUMMY!!! I can't wait to go back next Thursday for more (I will be buying for friends too). I highly recommend supporting this small business and I just KNOW you will enjoy their awesome granola!

If you have any other granola, throw it out. Right now. This stuff is the BOMB. I will never eat another brand of granola ever again. EVER.

We wanted to reach out and let you know how much we love your granola.  We met you at the cottage life show and mentioned how grateful we were to meet you because we were having a hard time getting good granola.  We purchased 2 bags then and just now ordered another 6.  Thank you for making a delicious product!!

We were quickly drawn to your booth on Thursday with a YAS QUEEN I LOVE YOUR JACKET to my 7 year old and Thank goodness because this granola is effing ridiculous. 

We are obsessed and will continue to buy. 

Muskoka Granola is absolutely the best granola we have ever had! Fresh ingredients, no preservatives, just enough sweetness from maple syrup and super fresh and crunchy almonds and cashews! My family is addicted!

Dude, your granola is so good. I have never been a granola person and you changed that

Add that I chose it to snack on it  instead of chocolate. That's saying something.

I Tried the granola at the Royal winter fair in Toronto this past November.. It was the best granola I have ever had. Went home and ordered 5 bags! I will definitely get more. So delicious with yogurt!!

The granola is amazing! It's low in sugar but big on taste. It's been a great snack to help me with my healthy eating and I find helps with maintaining my healthy blood sugar levels.

I love this granola - it’s crunchy and delicious! Tastes great on salads, in yogurt, and on its own. I’m obsessed with the Cranola version with cranberries, but both are excellent! You won’t regret buying a bag or 5!

I was at a farmers market in the summer and I was given a sample of Muskoka Granola. I don't even eat granola usually, but this stuff is DELICIOUS. Local made and naturally sweetened, I can't get enough. I literally hide my bag from my boyfriend. Absolutely recommend!

The granola is out of this world, the taste, ingredients are simply irresistible. I tasted it and bought 6 bags. Its great that you can order online, so you will never be without it.

If you haven’t tried Muskoka Granola, it’s a must! Most of my morning breakfasts consist of this delicious stuff. Thank you for creating a fabulous product for everyone else to enjoy!
Hands down the best granola out there that I’ve come across.

While in Bracebridge this summer, we walked the farmers market and boy are we glad we did! We received a taste sample of Muskoka Granola and purchased 2 bags on the spot! This is THE ONLY granola we now eat, and we now happily order on line. All orders have been received with no issues. An absolutely delicious product!

Muskoka granola is by far my favourite granola. I found it at the farmers market this summer and haven’t been without it since. I have told so many of my friends about it! Ordering and delivery is easy and fast. It’s an amazing product!

We first tried this granola up in parry sound at their outdoor market. We have since fallen in love. It is so fresh and tasty. Best granola we have ever had hands down. We eat it just on its own, with milk, on top of ice cream. On top of yogurt and berries. And as an apple crisp topping. We get it delivered to us in Kitchener quite frequently. Will never go back to other brands.

I sampled this granola at a booth in Bala and was hooked immediately! It is delicious, healthy, sweet and salty, not too much coconut and like they say, they like big nuts and they do not lie! I love this granola! It’s the absolute best I have ever had!

I have been ordering Muskoka Granola online since trying it for the first time at the Cranberry Festival in Muskoka! It is hands down THE BEST granola we have ever had!!! My kids love it and I love the simple ingredients. Worth every penny.

I stumbled upon muskoka granola at a farmers market this past spring. I have never had such delicious, not too sugary or starchy granola. The quality of this granola is the best I’ve had, bar none. I live in SW Ontario, and every time I’m up north I make sure to stockpile some because it’s that good! I am disappointed that I won’t be back up north until after Easter to buy any more of it in person (side note: The Oven Woodfire Pizza sells this granola and it’s an excellent place to get a tremendous pizza or load of sourdough bread at the same time)!

This is hands down my favourite granola and go to snack when traveling. I dare you not to eat handfuls out of the bag.

Best granola without question. Simple and delicious with whole nuts instead of just pieces! Can't get enough!

I was introduced to this amazing food at the Cottage Life show as a vendor. The evil workers at Muskoka granola brought delicious samples for us to try. After the first bite I was hooked. So I did what any normal person would do and kept going back for more samples! Finally as the show was ending I realized I would have to buy some of this scrumptious granola to take home. Since I have bought many many more bags and gifted several as well. I can say I’m in good company with all the people I’ve gotten addicted to this crack granola. And even better it’s naturally sweetened and all hand made locally!

This. Is. The. Best. Granola. EVER!! I found this amazing granola at the farmers market in Gravenhurst last summer. I quickly became addicted and if I couldn’t get to the market, I’d order online!! I have it every day with yogurt and it’s the most delicious meal of my day! There are 2 different flavours to choose from and I prefer the Cranola! Try it. You’ll love that it’s made with natural ingredients and no preservatives! Tasty Wasty!

I was first introduced to Muskoka Granola at a small rural festival in Orillia and was quickly hooked on everything about the granola…it’s fresh taste, multiple flavours in each bite, the amount of delicious nuts in the bag, the unforgettable taste of maple syrup, the knowledge and delight in knowing that ingredients are natural and not artificial, and I could go on. I ordered several bags online to give as Christmas gifts and it was delivered and handed to me at my front door, along with kindness, smiles and friendly conversation. I now can buy it frequently at a local store on Orillia’s main street, called Sweet Time Bake Shoppe. The granola always tastes like it was made on the day of purchase and I am their #1 fan.

My absolute FAVOURITE !
Purchased one last summer at our farmers market. I went home , tried it and immediately went back again and bought two more! Highly recommend and the owner Heather is amazing!

We were lucky enough to find muskoka granola at the Bala Cranberry festival.
OMG this granola is superb!! Great taste. Have it over yogurt or just as a snack. Best thing granola is sweetened with good Ole canadian maple syrup. My favorite is with fruit and yogurt. Good for a snack as there are sizeable pieces to eat right out of the bag.
Just ordered 6 bags. Very impressed with delivery service.

Had my first taste of their original granola at The Royal Winter Fair and bought 2 bags. I’ve just received my order of 5 more bags! The best granola out there BY FAR! Extremely pleased with the flavour, quality, customer service and…it’s made in Ontario!!!

The BEST granola anywhere! Fresh & crunchy every time. Do not hesitate.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Muskoka Granola!!!! It is by far the absolute best I've had....we just purchased another bag yesterday at the Cranberry festival in Bala and cant get enough of it!!! Please don't change your formula. Love It!

Absolutely delicious. 420 game changer.

Absolutely delicious. 420 game changer.

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